Monday, May 08, 2006

May 7 and 8

Sunday, May 7:
Decided to move on. Stopped in Pine Bluff, AR with the intent of spending the night in a City RV park. Not what we had hoped for so we continued on to the Little Rock area. Stayed at the Willow Beach Park, a Corps of Engineers Park on the Missouri River. Very nice. Our site has a great view of the river in front and a pond in back. Plus, we have Verizon internet service and it’s Sunday. Carol got caught up on her Blog. We both checked e-mail. Called Mom. Had Jambalaya for dinner. An easy, one pot meal. For lunches we have been taking canned soup and adding veggies, or rice, or serving with pasta.

Monday, May 08

Went grocery shopping today. First stopped at Harvest Foods in North Little Rock. The main display when you walked in was Hamburger Helper, Vienna Sausages & Mac & Cheese. We left. Used the GPS unit to locate other grocery stores in the area. Went to a Kroger. A very basic store, but better than Harvest Foods. The GPS unit can find stores, restaurants, gas stations, on & on, then lead you right to them. What a wonderful device.
Back to the campground. Ed & Gopher went walking around a lake. It was full of water moccasins. Ed counted three in maybe a five minute walk on the waters edge. All tolled, between us, we counted about ten for the day.
We meet the most interesting people at campgrounds. This morning Carol talked to a lady who lives in their 5th wheel full time. Her husband’s hobby is to buy the contents of storage units that people abandon. Some times they make money by selling the stuff, once it was $4,000. The lady said they check every pocket and envelope looking for stuff. Some times the contents are just trash that get throw away. This lady loves to play Bingo but Arkansas , Utah , and Hawaii don’t allow gambling, so can’t play ‘till they leave Arkansas. A couple pull in next to us this afternoon. They are from Utah and traveled here to visit their grandkids. They travel with a 20 year old deaf cat who was walking outside driving Gopher nuts . We also had a turtle under the motorhome. Gopher kept sniffing at it , but then it walked under the lawn chair Balou and Bagera were sitting in. They went nuts, it took some heavy pulling by Carol to keep them from following the turtle into the water. Once Carol saw the snake slide by in the water the dogs were dragged to higher ground. Further south it was alligators in the water; now it’s water moccasins. Once we get further north, the waters should be free of dangerous creatures.

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