Friday, November 03, 2006

Our October, 2006 trip

After the great Lazy Daze rally in Georgia, we headed north through North Carolina. Stopped at the Davisdon River National Forest campground then at the 4 Paws Kingdom campground. 4 Paws, as the name implies, is primarily for dog people. They have several off leash areas, hiking trails, etc. We all had a nice time.
Then it was on to visit with the girls in Virginia. We had just a great time with them.
The weather was cold by our standards; low to mid-30's at night. Brrrrr.
We're spending Christmas in VA this year.
All in all, it was a very nice first post-stroke trip. We both learned a lot about RVing with a disability.
I just finished cleaning the RV up today. We're ready to go again. Can't wait.

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