Sunday, July 12, 2009

Escapee Rally, Cheboygan, MI

Wednesday through Saturday.
44 rigs showed up at the Rally.
Each day at 4:00 there is a social hour. It’s a chance to meet the other people attending the rally. On Thursday, we drove around the area stopping at Aloha & Cheboygan State Parks and a wonderful City park located right on Lake Huron. Had lunch, went walking out on the breakwater and took Gopher swimming. A warm & sunny day. At the City park, we were talking to some locals. They said around here you need to take full advantage of days like this because they don’t have very many.
Friday: Mostly enjoyed our friends company today. There was a pizza party for dinner then games. Carol played Farkel with a group.
The more Escapees we meet, the more fascinating the entire culture of “Full Timers” becomes. People talk about how long they have been full-timing. 5 years, 10, 15. One fellow is 93 years old; another couple is in their mid-eighties. One lady is about 90. She and her husband full-timed together for a very long time. When he passed away, she continued by herself for another ten years. Now she travels with her “baby” brother who must be in his mid-80’s. By the looks of the RV’s and the appearance of the people, some are quite wealthy and some are just getting by. Such things don’t seem to make any difference with this group. We have never met more friendly & outgoing people. Carol thoroughly enjoys the company of the other women. Maybe it’s because of her disability, or perhaps that’s just the way they are, but they have welcomed Carol like an old friend. These SKP Rally’s are one of the highlights of the trip.

On Friday & Saturday morning there was a pancake breakfast. My job was to mix the batter for the guy who did the cooking. Saturday night was the Pot Luck Supper. We made brownies and a key lime pie plus heated up some frozen burritos we were trying to get rid of. In the evening, Carol played Farkel with her friends.

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