Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Madeline Island to Amnicon Falls.

Monday, July 20, 2009

About 6:00am I received a call from Mom’s Life Alert service that Mom had called. She couldn’t get out of bed. The service called the front desk and an aide helped Mom. I called Dr. Boykin’s office and arranged for them to send a nurse over to check things out. Called Mom several times during the day. She sounds fine but her shoulder and neck are sore. I suspect I’ll hear from Boykin’s office tomorrow. Talked to Ginny. She was in Florida a few weeks ago and ran up to have lunch and dinner with Mom. Whenever things like this happen, like her fall a few weeks ago, I wonder if I should simply stay home. They I think about Carol and wonder what, with her limitations, would she do at home to keep herself occupied?
About 8:00 we headed to our destination for the day. The Big Bay State Park located on Madeline Island near Bayfield, WI. Madeline Island is the largest of the 22 Apostle Islands. The island was named after Madeline Cadotte, the daughter of Chief White Crane who married the French fur trader Michael Cadotte. The island was originally the home of the Ojibwe Indians. The Europeans arrived in 1659. Access to the island is by ferry. It cost us $93 roundtrip for two passengers and the motorhome. Wow. We stayed at the Big Bay State Park. An interesting place, but we wouldn’t go back again. The campground is nicely wooded with large spaces but with no view of anything in particular. We took a few walks to the beach area and some pretty overlooks.
During the winter the island is surrounded by ice. A wind sled is used to ferry people back and forth until the ice is thick enough to support the ice road. About 200 people live hear year round. The summer population is around 2,500.


Woke up to the sound of rain. Again. We drove around the island then decided to continue of our journey. We stopped at a few very pretty roadside pull-offs located right on Lake Superior. We spotted a sign for a city campground in Herbster and decided to spend the night. A well kept place right on the lake. As soon as we stopped, hundreds of common house flies descended on the camper. They were everywhere. I didn’t even get out. Just continued on our way. Strange. We wound up at a nice state park; Amnicon Falls near Wentworth. The rain stopped for a few hours allowing us to take a nice walk from the campground to the falls. Mostly a driving day but we passed through a very pretty area of Wisconsin. Tomorrow we continue west through Minnesota. We want to be at Suzanne’s house by about August 6th.

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