Friday, April 23, 2010

Davidson River Campground-Brevard,NC

On Thursday we continued our journey northeast. We're at the Davidson River Forest Service(Pisgah NF) campground a few miles east of Brevard, NC. We would up with a nice site quite close to the river. On the way here we stopped at a bar-b-que restaurant for lunch. It was good but nothing real special. On Friday we drove to the Blue Ridge Parkway and had lunch st the Piscah Inn based on a recommendation from the campground host. A very good recommendation indeed. Carol had a veggie wrap and I had a Rubin. For desert we had this amazing pie. It was basically chocolate fudge with a wonderful nut based crust topped with a scoop of ice cream. I needed to walk back to the campground to work off these calories!!.
The Parkway was closed just past the Inn.Seems there was a very harsh winter this year and the road was strewn with tree limbs downed by the winter storms. That's a shame; our plan for this trip involved driving along the Parkway and staying at the campgrounds. The view from the mountains was really desolate. The winter was very long this year. The trees still had not started putting out leaves. Completely different from the other times we've visited here.
On Saturday we drove to Hendersonville. Went to the "Curb" market; a green market of sorts. Not really worth the stop. The campground host told us of a great bakery in Hendersonville but we were both feeling guilty about the desert we had with lunch yesterday so we passed on the bakery. Sometimes trying to be healthy isn't much fun.
We came across a nice laundromat on the way back to the campground and did a little grocery shopping at Ingles.
It started raining about noon time and is supposed to continue all night. Not so bad for us, but there are several families tent camping. Not much fun for them.

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