Monday, August 30, 2010

The Columbia River

On Saturday, we headed north to the Columbia River. The drive took us close to Mount Hood but the clouds covered a good bit of the mountain. The Drive through the Hood River Valley was just wonderful. Fruit orchards everywhere. Primarily pears, but also peaches & apples. We stopped at a roadside stand and bought some wonderful peaches. On Saturday & Sunday we stayed at the Cascade Locks Campground. It's right on the Columbia River. Enjoyed walking around and watching the fisherman. The local Indian tribes, have special fishing rights on the river. They can use nets to catch the fish. I walked to a nearby Indian "compound" to look around and perhaps buy some fresh fish. They sold fish, but you had to buy the entire, very large, steelhead trout. I had no way to store that much fish. The compound was interesting. A collection of really junky trailers, broken down trucks, lots of trash, etc. Not unlike other Indian communities we've run across in our travels. I always wonder, why?

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