Saturday, January 08, 2011


We arrived in Yuma, AZ on Thursday, the 6th. Staying at the VFW BLM camping area. It's basically a patch of desert off Hwy 95, behind the local VFW building. A very unique place. All dry camping (boondocking). Some people have obviously been there for some time but most, like us, are just passing through.
On Friday we went in town to do laundry & grocery shopping. Had Chinese for lunch. The area is a huge farming community. We could identify cabbage, kale & different types of lettuce.

About 3:00pm we were sitting outside on the lawn chairs at the BLM campground near Yuma. Carol looked liked she was napping a little and I asked her if she wanted to go inside. She just mumbled and her head tilted this way & that. I tried to help her stand but she couldn't. I asked her my name and she didn't know.Took her blood pressure; it was 53/40. Dangerously low. I called 911 because something was clearly wrong. When the paramedics got there they started a fluid IV because they suspected dehydration. Carol had been sitting in the very warm sun dressed in sweat pants and a long sleeved shirt. She is always cold if it's below about 80*.
They took Carol to the Yuma Regional Hospital. At the hospital they did a chest x-ray, EKG & blood tests. The doctors big concern was what made Carols blood pressure get so low. Finally, about 9:00pm, they released Carol with the conclusion that it was severe dehydration. Carol drinks very little fluid; she's just not naturally thirsty.. From now on, it's a minimum of 2 quarts of fluid a day. We're both going to monitor Mom's fluid intake going forward. Neither of us need any more scares. This is her third ER visit while camping. First the heart attack, then the dislocated hip and now the dehydration. That's enough.

After getting out of the hospital, we went to the Paradise Casino and spent the night in their parking lot.

A very long day. Fortunately, everything turned out well.

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