Friday, March 18, 2011

Another Great Adventure comes to an end

We got home today about 4:00pm. Just under three months on the road; just under 7,000 miles on the LD. It still hasn't had it's third birthday and the odometer turned 56,000 miles on the way home today. At that rate, we'll be ready to order the 2015 model. :-)
What a wonderful trip it was. It was our first winter trip to the Southwest; we'll be back. Probably the winter of 2013.
Our next LD outing will be to the Southeast Lazy Daze Club GTG in Florida mid-April. After that, no firm plans other then the family reunion the girls have planned in Pennsylvania in July and a Lazy Daze GTG in October.
This will be the last blog post for a while.


Jim and Gayle said...

Glad you made it home safely. We've enjoyed following your travels. Hope to see you in Arkansas in October.

Donna K said...

Sometimes home is the best place to least for awhile. Have fun planning for your next trip.