Sunday, March 06, 2011

On to Amistad National Recreation Area

We had a good night. No trains at all, at least none we heard. Between the double pane windows and form insulation, it's very quiet inside.
We entered Central Time yesterday so my internal clock is still off a bit. I was up & about by 6am. I noticed we had our own personal security guard last night. The Border Patrol is everywhere around here.

Our short term goal is the Padre Island National Seashore; hopefully before the herds of college kids get there. Today we drove to the Amistad National Recreation area near Del Rio. A 4+ hour drive through some very pretty country. At the Visitors Center a very nice lady directed us to a campground. As we drove there, I saw sign saying Road Closed Ahead. Sure enough, the campground was closed because of flooding. I would have thought she'd have known that. Oh well. The map we picked up at the Visitor Center showed another campground not that far away. It's called 277 North because it's on the north side of "old" 277.
Water!! We haven't seen *real* water for quite some time. Gopher had a nice swim. Some of the ground in dirt washed off. Cost per night with the Old Age Card? $2.00.
A basic, no frills campground but right on the lake. There is an area with a dump & water fill about 7 miles away off Hwy 90. Don't need it, but it's available. It's called Diablo East and isn't far from the Visitor Center.

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