Saturday, July 02, 2011

Alparon Community Park, Saturday

It was a very busy day in the park. The three of us took a walk all around the park this morning. A group of volunteers were scraping the paint from a very old house getting it ready for paint. There was a skeet shoot and picnic going on. Gopher generally doesn't like sharp, loud noises but she did OK. Pepper Auction company was conducting a big estate sale auction. The place was packed. Most of the stuff was flea market quality, but there were some nice hunting rifles and a very impressive assortment of old Lionel trains in their original boxes. There is a small museum on site as well as a few old buildings relocated to the park. The Farmers Market was somewhat disappointing after the one we have at home and others we've seen on our travels.
Once again, we're the only ones in the "overnight" section of the campground. At the other end of the park there are perhaps 20 seasonal sites. Not much really. Just RV's jammed together. Our end is much nicer.
The original travel plan was to leave here on Monday, the 4th. After thinking about it, we decided there would be too much traffic, and too many drunks out on the 4th. We'll continue south on Tuesday.
Plus this really is a nice place. I wonder what will be going on for the 4th? Fireworks maybe?

This is our view towards the fairgrounds.

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Anonymous said...

That was a good decision of yours not to leave on the 4th. There is supposed to be a ton of traffic.