Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Continuing west along the TX Gulf Coast

Monday, December 5, 2011

Today we drove to Rollover Pass at Gilcrest, TX. On the way, we had a great lunch at Al-T’s restaurant in Winnie, TX. We stumbled across Al-T’s last year when we stayed in the city campground in Winnie. Carol had the crab cakes, which had big chunks of real crab, not Krab. I had a crawfish Po-Boy on a fresh baked roll. We shared the very good onion rings. Tonight we’re camped on the Rollover Pass which is a channel through the Bolivar Peninsula.  It’s a cold, grey, windy day. We walked the beach and Gopher wanted to go swimming but I said “no”.   It’s too cold plus I don’t want a soaking wet , sandy dog in the camper.
Once again, it’s just the three of us.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Continued south to Galveston. There is a short ferry ride from the Bolivar Peninsula to Galveston.  On Yelp! I read about a great bakery in Galveston; Patty Cakes Bakery. Now one of our top 10 bakeries. Besides the typical baked goods, they had fresh croissant breakfast sandwiches. I got one bacon/cheddar. We ate it where we were parked by the bakery and it was so good,  Carol sent me back in to get some for lunch. Carol had a turkey and I got another bacon/cheddar. It’s another cold and dreary day so we thought a campsite with electricity was in order. The high temp. so far, is 44*.  That’s nothing compared to the blizzard conditions throughout most of NM. Drifting along the TX coast turned out to be an excellent choice, all things considered.
We’re staying the next two days at the Galveston  Island State Park. The website lists the camping rate as $25/night but when you register, they charge an additional $5/person/day park access fee bringing the real camping fee to $35/day.  It is very nice being warm and toasty.

                                                  Three lazy birds

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