Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Our last day at the Imperial Dam LTVA

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This evening, our neighbors walked over to introduce themselves. They are a retired couple from Iowa who have been spending the winters here for several years. I would guess farmers from their dress and demeanor. For only $180 per year, they have unlimited access to water, a dump station, trash collection and a shower. They travel in a Class A motorhome in the 36’ range. About every two weeks, they dump their tanks and fill up with water. They have their own special spot to which they return year after year. The “residents” tend to “customize” their areas with rocks, of which there is an endless supply. Big rocks, medium sized ones and pebbles. These rocks make it very difficult for Carol to either walk with her cane or drive the scooter. The rocks cover up the fine red dust, about the consistency of talcum powder, that blows around and coats everything.

The residents build one rock high borders to define “their” area, elaborate fire pits, patios, walkways and such things. The spot we’re in tonight has been customized. The defined area is large enough for two RV’s plus there is a well built fire ring. Last nights campsite had a good sized area that appeared top have been raked of even the smaller rocks. Perhaps to prepare a tent site.

The wind never stops blowing around here. It’s strong enough to make the flags stand out straight. As I rub my hands across the dinette table, I can feel the grit of the sand. There are a few camping areas that are in “bowls” or depressions. They are quite popular because they afford some protection from the wind. A few of the regulars have set up screens around their site to block the wind. Some have wind generators erected to provide electrical power. When we got home from last years trip out this way, I must have vacuumed up a pound of red dust. It coated just everything; the engine compartment, refrigerator, the interior, the roof, on and on. If you camp in the desert, that’s just the way it is.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This morning on the way to our day camp spot on the reservoir, we drove around here and here. The long term residents are easy to spot. Flag poles, clothes drying trees, wind screens, elaborate solar power systems, potted plants, and such things. You see everything from tents to very expensive RV’s. A very interesting lifestyle.

Camping on the Senator Wash Reservoir.

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