Thursday, January 19, 2012

Q. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

A beautiful, sunny, non-windy day. Finally no wind.
Frank gave me a ride to the downtown grocery stores this morning. The town and desert is really starting to fill up. Everywhere you look, there are RV’s pulling into town.
Steve, aka Lazy Bones, and his Boston Terrier Jiggs pulled in today. Apparently Steve and Jiggs were at this years Balloon Fest. Steve doesn’t control Jiggs very much and Jiggs went around lifting his leg on all sorts of stuff like coolers, lawn chairs, Linda's statue, etc. Some people got annoyed at Steve and Jiggs. Years ago we were in a dog park and a dog came up to Carols scooter and peed on one of the wheels. The owner was really embarrassed but, hey, if you’re in a dog park you just have to expect such things. The wheel dried off just fine. Jiggs is a nice dog.

Roger’s guess is that by Saturday, we’ll have about 18+ rigs in our little patch of desert.

By the time we’re ready to head east towards Tucson, we’ll have dry camped for about six straight weeks; a personal record. In this desert environment, the two hundred watts of solar power and two batteries has proven adequate for our needs. A third panel would be better, but two work. Last night Carol watched TV for two hours and by morning, the batteries were at 60% charge.

Took a walk into town this morning with the guys. Someone always seems to need something.
Rick, Annie and their dog Dweezil Zappa , pulled in about 1pm. We first met them at the Balloon Fest in 2008 then again, here at Q last year. Two really nice people. Annie is an RN as is Ann. We now have two nurses on call.
Jerry, aka Budster, arrived about 4pm.
Tonight was campfire night. Roger enforced the only campground rule; there will be no campfire or social hour discussions that involve politics. If you want to talk politics, wander off someplace in the desert.
There was a discussion on The Escapee board concerning internet service in Q during late January. Those who understand such things, said that in the evening when people were “home” and using the internet, service would slow to a crawl because so many people would be using the same tower. That’s exactly what’s happening. I use to check internet speed. Download speed right now, 7:21pm, is 0.03 Mbps. I just shut the computer down for the night. I’ll use it in the morning.

Today was run errands day for most everyone. We did a load of laundry, went grocery shopping, got a longer hose for the Wave 3 heater then met up at the Grubstake Restaurant for lunch with some of our friends. The Grubstake is a Q tradition. For lunch they have a $5 fish and chips special. One large piece of very good fried fish, some excellent coleslaw and a pile of not very greasy fries. They also have “challenge” meals. Like eat a two pound hamburger in 30 minutes, or a jumbo order of super hot wings, that sort of thing. No one ordered a challenge meal.

After running errands we took long, hot showers then went to the dump station/water fill. We were number 14 in line. It took 45 minutes to finish that chore. The crowds are really building. Everywhere you look, RV’s are pulling into town. Most of the commercial RV parks have their “full” signs posted.
Three more Lazy Daze pulled in today. Lisa and her Mom, Mike and Gracey, Kevin and Malia.

We are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. After Q, some of the group is heading down to the Imperial Dam/Senator Wash area. We'll meet up with them there.

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Donna K said...

With that many people in Q I'm wondering how you manage to get a seat at a restaurant. I've read others' comments on the $5 fish and chips and it seems to be quite popular. It looks good!!!