Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Monday, February 06, 2012

A long driving day. We left Deming at about 8:15am and drove to Orzona, TX, arriving just after 4:00. We’re “camped” in the parking lot of the Visitors Center. Nice and level, well lighted and next door to the Highway Patrol substation. Tomorrow we have one more long days drive to the Port Aransas(Port A) area. After that, it’s back to our maximum driving day of three hours.

Todays view.


On the road by 8am.
The nurse from Mom’s ACLF called this morning. Mom’s not feeling well at all. They set up an appointment with her doctor for tomorrow and Ginny’s going with her. Depending on what’s going on, we may cut this trip short.
We stopped for bar-b-que brisket in San Antonio. This Texas brisket is as good as it gets.
Finally, at about 4:00 we got to the Port A area. An exhausting drive. Last year we spotted this really neat boondocking area on the east side of the ferry. We’re here tonight along with three very friendly couples from Iowa, Minnesota and Ontario. The Iowa couple has a shelty and the Minnesota couple a Jack Russell. Dogs are really good ice breakers. Just cut your dog loose and in no time, you know everyone around. The folks from Minnesota have been camping here since October. They have been coming here for years and gave me a good rundown on all the local free camping areas. We’re camped on an abandoned paved road that's on a peninsula with a shipping channel on one side and Redfish Bay on the other. The view is just beautiful. The MN people have a kayak and a fishing boat they pull behind their big 5th wheel.

A couple staying in an RV resort in Port A stopped by earlier to inquire about the local beach camping rules. They will be pulling over here on Saturday when their commitment at the resort runs out.

Todays view. An ibis fishing.

The neighborhood.

On Sunday, we meet our old friends Ted and Liz at Indianola for some beach boondocking. Ted’s going to *try* to teach me how his campground data base operates. Good luck, Ted! I've been wanting to do my own data base of unofficial camping areas that don't meet Teds definition of a campground.

Until then we’ll just be poking around here and there.

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Donna K said...

That looks like a great boondocking site. Enough people around where you don't feel totally isolated too. Enjoy.