Saturday, May 26, 2012

Waterloo Campground


It was raining when we awoke, and raining when we went to bed. Now and then, the rain got light enough to go walking. I've gotten where I can recognize the Oregon kids; they're the ones with moss hanging from their ears.

We took the day to go into Lebanon for a Wal-Mart run and to get gas. We filled up at $4.21/gallon. The highest price since leaving home. An internet news item said WA, OR & CA had the highest gas prices in the lower-48.

Gopher and I went to the dog park for a while. There was one other dog there. A very long-legged hound dog of some type. The owner said he thought it was a Vizsla mix; at least that's what the folks at the dog pound said. The chase began. Gopher is very fast, but not as fast as this dog. After a half hour of racing around, they were both wore out.

Our camping neighbors, Gary and Janice from right here in Lebanon, OR, have a rabbit they leave outside in a fenced enclosure like people use for small dogs. Gopher is mesmerized by the sight and smell of Mr. Rabbit. When she's outside, I keep her on a heavy duty leash. Rabbit is not on the menu.

The weather forecast for the next few days is rather gloomy so rather then boondocking in the woods as we had planned, we decided to stay here until Sunday they head to the coast. Gary reminded us that the coast gets even less sunshine then around here. Oh well. I have a raincoat and Gopher is an all-weather dog; we'll do just fine.

Friday and Saturday:
About 11am on Friday the sun peaked out from behind the clouds for a few hours. We celebrated by cooking dinner on the grill. Sweet potatoes, zucchini, and the last of the hamburgers. Going forward, no more red meat. That should make some cows happy. About 8pm, the rain started.

Friday was also June Bug day. At least that's what Gary called them. There were countless numbers of them flying everywhere. By sunset they were all gone. He said that was it. They just come out for a day to breed and disappear. Not unlike the Love Bugs of Florida although Love Bug season lasts for a few weeks in June then again in September.

Late Saturday there were still a handful of campsites available which reinforces our experience that even on the busiest of weekends, campgrounds rarely reach 100% occupancy. In our several years of travels, we can only recall being turned away twice.

Today was the typical family orientated Memorial Day in the campground. Happy kids zipping around here and there, families playing outdoor games, guys fishing, cookouts, barking dogs, on and on. Just as it should be.

Gary and Janice have quite a garden. Earlier today Gary went home for something and brought us back a bunch of snow peas he had just picked. Tonight’s dinner was snow peas and broccoli with a jar of spaghetti sauce; a nice healthy dinner.

We're jammed in with the other 100+- other RV's. Just behind us are the cottonwood trees then the river. 

There is a boat launch next to the campground. A nice place for a dog to take a swim.

In the morning, we head the coast for a week. The ten day forecast is for a mix of weather. Some days the forecast is for an overcast day, the other days are for cloudy. Wonder which is brighter? Overcast or cloudy??


Russ Krecklow said...

In Oregon, overcast is like partly sunny with maybe a little rain. Cloudy is like a little rain with some sun in between. Now, don't you feel better knowing that, Ed?

Hope you enjoy your trip to the coast. Hopefully it will be a little sunny for you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ed and Carol... Here catching up on your blog. Well done! You go to places I want to go. Gopher is beautiful . . . Enjoy your next camp!

Jim and Gayle said...

Glad to hear you're going to be saving a few cows. Now what about the turkeys and chickens. It's just a matter of time!!