Sunday, June 03, 2012

Heading slowly east.

Sunday, June 3

During our early morning walk, I counted 23 RV's in the Three River "campground"
There were economical rigs:
and expensive rigs:
and everything in between.

We went exploring through the town but mostly we wanted to see the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. The South Jetty Dune and Beach Access Road (43.95656  -124.11743)  gave us a good taste of the area. It's primarily for the OHV/ATV or whatever, folks. Even on Sunday morning the place was hoping. There are disbursed camping options in the area, but mostly for the OHV set. I suspect if you weren't into OHV riding the noise would drive you bonkers. A number of years ago we camped in the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Utah; another big OHV site. The guys, and gals of course, fired up their toys about sunrise and didn't stop riding until dark. It was fun watching for one day but that was enough.

After that we headed east on OR 126. Tonight we're in a super BLM campground; Whitaker Creek.  (43.98602  -123.66469) $5/night with the Geezer Card. We're camped right on Whitaker Creek. The campsite even came with a nice supply of dry firewood and kindling courtesy of whoever camped here just before us. I supplemented that supply by picking up a few pieces here and there from other campsites. We were toasty warm today!!
Later in the day, the campground host, James ,stopped by for a chat. He said there was a huge supply of firewood by his campsite that was free for the taking.
We're the only campers on this side of the campground.  We like that.

 Keeping toasty warm

 Whitaker Creek

 I think this is a Banana Slug

Pacific Sideband snail. Monadenia fidelis.

Tomorrow we head east to visit with Russ, Donna, Rusty and Poppy in Eugene.


Russ Krecklow said...

We camped there one time with the kids when they were little. Waded in the creek and caught a bunch of crawdads! The boys thought that was just the greatest fun. We boiled them up and had a great meal that night. Stopped there a couple years ago, and they have really improved the whole place. It's very nice. Glad you're enjoying it. We're looking forward to seeing you guys! Come on over and get dried out. We'll turn the heat on for ya!!

Jimbo said...

Say "Hi" to Russ, Donna, Rusty and Poppy for me will you? I hope to get out there way one of these days.