Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lincoln City to Newport

We drove by the Woods County Campground which is located on the south side of Pacific City. It's  not much so we continued on. We did come across one nice overnight site for future use, but it was too early in the day to stop.
 We wound up at this Ocean Shore State Recreation Area  just north of Lincoln City.

 Gopher was in charge of feeling the ground shake. :-) Plus there is a Tsunami warning siren about 20' away. Even without my hearing aides I'm sure I'd hear the siren.

 We were there early enough so we got a nice parking spot on the ocean. (45.00884 -124.00818) Carol has a great view. Gopher and I enjoyed several nice walks on the beach. This is a very popular kiteboarding site. At one time there were at least a dozen zipping through the waves.  It's so nice, we decided to stay the night.

Our campsite

Our view

The beach along here is beautiful, squeaky white sand like we have in the Florida Panhandle area.

This is a very popular spot. All day long, and well into the evening, people stopped by to swim, look for stuff among the rocks, go kiteboarding, or to simply walk the beach.

I was up about 6am, looked out the window to see a deer munching on the grass right next to us.

   We went exploring some of the other nearby beach access areas but none were nearly this nice so we're back for another day.
Our early morning walk

The beer drinking, cigarette smoking crowd had a beach party last night. Suppose they are waiting on their Mom to clean up their mess?

The wind is just incessant. Per the weather station, a steady 20mph with gusts in excess of 30. It's not much fun walking the beach with the stinging sands so late in the afternoon, we went to the Chinook Winds Casino RV parking area. There must be 30 RV's here. From the looks of it, a few are here for the season.
We ate a late lunch/early dinner at the casino. It was OK but we wouldn't go back.

Tonights campsite. We even have an ocean view!!


We drove to the D River State Recreation Area. It's right where the D River dumps into the ocean. Gopher and I waded all the way across the river.  Then we went to noon time mass at St. Augustine Church, then got caught up on the laundry. Tonight we're back at the casino. In the morning we continue our trek south along the coast.

We drove to Newport stopping at most of the scenic areas. After grocery shopping, we went to the South Beach Fish Market. Carol just had to have another bowl of the worlds best clam chowder. I had a wonderful dungeness crab burger. We had thought about going back to the South Beach State Park campground but on a weekend that place is a madhouse. Instead we went to the Port of Newport RV Park. There are four camping choices. Deluxe at $43.49/night. One notch down at $41.28.  The Annex at $32.44 and dry camping at $17.68.
Deluxe, one-notch-down and Annex gets you electricity (we have electricity), water (we have water) ans a sewer connection (we have empty tanks and access to the free dump station). It also gets you a real close view of your neighbors RV.

The Annex

The cheap seats
For the next two days we have an unobstructed view of the marina and bridge.
Turns out this is a good location for Carol. There is a fairly new paved walking path that winds throughout the port property and under the bridge. Tomorrow when it's warmer, we'll go walking.

We started the day at the Farmers Market. We were well stocked with fruit and veggies so mostly we just poked around. Then we went to the South Jetty then back to the Marina. Took a nice walk around the Marina area. There is a long pier that is used for some fishing, but mostly for crabbing.
Tomorrow we continued south. I checked the weather for the mountains in Idaho and Montana but it's still in the 90's. We like the coast, but like the mountains more but we don't care to deal with the hot weather.

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Jimbo said...

Their Tsunami warning sounds just like the nuclear warning they had in San Clemente, CA before I started RV'ing. By the time you heard it you were probably DEAD MEAT!

The area you are in is really beautiful. I am really enjoying your pics of the coast.