Thursday, October 11, 2012

Balloon Fiesta-Part 2

Monnday: Last nights wine and cheese social was a big hit. Lots of excellent, and varied,  cheese dishes.

This is a racing balloon. In the evening four launched. The goal is to travel as far as possible without landing. This race is a preliminary event with the winner going to an international race later this year.

The balloon launch was delayed until about 9am because of high winds. The typical start time is about 7am. The 9am launch worked much better with Carols schedule. Once again, we walked down to the museum area for a nice view.

 The 9am launch worked well for a lot of people.

The old style Lazy Daze and the new style.

Two more people pulled in today. Todd who just picked up his new-to-him '99 LD in California. He's on his way back to Minnesota.  And Ginny Free and her wonder dog Junah; a very friendly female doberman pincher. Ginny has had a run of bad luck with her Lazy Daze but you would never guess it by talking to her. She's just as smiley and cheerful as can be.

Tonight  was desert-for- dinner night. A huge selection of mostly homemade deserts was available.
We've both put on weight recently. As soon as we get home, the diet starts.

Our last day here.
 The view out the rear window of the camper.
 One last look at the balloons.

 Our Lazy Daze friend, Lisa, pulled in  today.  These days Lisa's traveling with three dogs; all strays shes picked up here and there.
Tonight is grill night. Throw whatever you care too on the grill.


  We headed out this morning about 7am. Tonight we're in the Fair Park campground in Childress, TX. ($15/night for water/elect. No dump station) We've been here before. It's right in the center of the city park. Very nice. 34.42997  -100.20207
We had dinner at the Jakson Steak and Bar-B-Que restaurant. The brisket was as good as it gets (served, of course, with plain white bread). They have some very good sides as well. The onion rings are breaded with cornmeal. We shared the squash chips, sweet potato fries and slaw.

During the drive, the primary topic was the possible move to Colorado. We've decided to go ahead so when we get home, I'll start working on all the little repair items needed to get the house ready to sell  and we'll start sorting through a lifetime of "stuff", deciding what to pitch, what to donate and what to take to CO.

Three more long driving days ahead of us.


Donna K said...

Enjoyed all your pictures of the balloons. that must be an awesome sight in person. Glad you and Carol have reached a decision about Colorado. Take care and travel safe.

Russ Krecklow said...

Great photos of those balloons! Glad that you've reached a decision on the move to Colorado. That will open up a lot of busy times as you prepare. You will be a lot closer to Oregon there, so that's a good thing! Take care, have a safe trip back home, and don't be in a big hurry to start that "diet".

Jim and Gayle said...

Sorry we got away without saying goodbye on Monday. Really enjoyed seeing you guys again and glad to hear you've made the decision to move to CO. Good luck selling the house!

Jimbo said...

Thanks for all the pics of the BF.I sure miss everyone this.

Good luck selling and moving to CO. I'm glad you made that decision as I'm sure that will save you a lot of driving across country in the future.