Sunday, April 17, 2016

A cold, windy and rainy and snowy weekend

It doesn't rain much in Moab. On the average about 9.5" per year. Friday was one of those rainy ones.
We took a ride along a canyon road , SR 279/Potash Road, and then went into town for lunch at the Sweet Cravings Bakery and Bistro. Carol has a strawberry salad wrap that was very, very good.
I walked around the campground and came up with enough firewood for one chilly night.
Keeping warm.

You feel like taking a walk? Fine. I'm happy right here.

On Saturday we drove the Kane Creek Road. It's on the south side of the Colorado River just across from the Potash Road we drove yesterday. There are some nice BLM campgrounds along the river on both sides. Kane Creek Road is a narrow, winding dirt road. No guard rails. At one point there is a sign indicating a 10% grade following that is a corkscrew type curve leading into the canyon bottom. The turns are so tight you're hoping no one is coming the other way, or if they are, the driver is sober and not texting.

Along Kane Creek Road

The winds have been a steady 20-30 mph with gusts to 50mph. Fortunately, Saturdays rain has kept the blowing dirt under reasonable control.

Sunday morning we went in town and had a very good breakfast at the Eklecticafe and then took a ride to the BLM Ken's Lake campground located south of town. It's on a pretty, clear water lake. Then we decided to try the La Sal Mountain Loop Road. I asked the campground host about the road conditions and he said the road was opened all the way through to Hwy 128. Off we go. First there are scattered snow flurries, then harder snow then this

We hoped a car would come towards us so we could inquire about road conditions up ahead. None did so we turned around. 
The blurry area at the top of the picture is the clouds we were driving through.

They have four "wheel" drive. We don't.

The views were impressive

So we headed back into town. Deciding where to head tomorrow. North or South.

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