Monday, April 25, 2016

Dead Horse Point State Park

On Saturday, at our disbursed camping site on the mini 'mesa' off Dubiky Road, we sat through a dust storm. The weather stations said a steady 35-40 mph wind with gusts to 50+. In the morning there was fine red dust in all the window tracks, on the counters, cabinet trim, etc. The stovetop was covered with a thick layer of red dust. I'm guessing it blew in through the range hood vent. Next time, I stuff a rag in the outside part of the vent.

Sunday morning we left our nice disbursed site and drove to Canyonlands, NP.

We took a driving tour of the Island in the Sky part of Canyonlands. There are two other parts of Canyonlands; The Needles and The Maze. The Willow Flat campground is $15/night. First-come, first-served. There were vacant sites when we drove through.
Dead Horse Point SP is very, very popular in the "season". We lucked into a two night cancellation a few weeks ago. There are  electricity and toilet facilities, and a dump station but no showers. Water is hauled in from Moab. $30/night for camping. The main overlook trail is paved. From her wheelchair, Carol got a good look at the canyon and distant river.
The park brochure says that the view from the overlook is one of the worlds most photographed sites.
Here are a few of mine. There were photographers with $1,000+ equipment. An iPhone suits our  needs.

Reminded us very much of the Grand Canyon. The road below is accessible by 4 WD vehicles via the Potash Road in Moab. Another time perhaps?

That's the Colorado River some 2,000' down

Got a little rain today, accompanied by some hail. The water is surely needed plus it helps keep the dust under control.

Tomorrow we head back to Moab.  The Parrot Guy I met, told me about some areas he thought we would find interesting. We'll check them out.

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