Saturday, October 18, 2008

Farmington, NM area


In the morning, we went to a Renaissance Festival being held at a city park. There was also a Farmers Market but it wasn’t much. Mostly some Navajos selling household junk. The Festival was on the small side, but interesting. We were hoping to find something different for lunch but it was just your usual turkey legs & corn dogs. We passed. Headed out towards our next destination, Page, AZ/Lake Powell/Glen Canyon. On the way we were driving through the Navajo Reservation. Took a picture of the famous mountain; Shiprock. Shiprock has considerable religious significance to the Navajos. Stopped in the Navajo town of Kayenta. Shared an Indian Taco for lunch and bought some burritos & a tamale for dinner. Excellent food. We spent the night at the National Park Service Navajo National Monument near Black Meas. The campground has a very nice view of the surrounding canyons as well as the ancient village of Betatakin.

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