Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lees Ferry, Glen Canyon National Rec. Area


Continued on to the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area near Page, AZ. The drive was just beautiful. In places it looked as though we were actually driving though the Grand Canyon. We went to the Lees Ferry Campground near the town of Marble Canyon. Drove across the Navajo Bridge getting to the campground. At one time Lees Ferry was the only river crossing for many,many miles. It’s also the only place you can drive to the Colorado River in over 700 miles of Canyon Country. This is the start of the Grand Canyon. The boat ramp is Mile 0 for rafting trips down the river. We watched several rafts being launched. There is a parking place right on the river. Gopher & I were able to walk to the river. She thoroughly enjoyed her swim. Later on, we all walked to the Lonely Dell Ranch. This historic ranch, near the mouth of the Paria River, was home to the families who operated Lees Ferry. Our campsite is on a bluff overlooking the Colorado River. One of the best campsites ever.

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