Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Leaving in the morning

Mom came over for dinner on Sunday. We played Rumicube all afternoon.

Today's major event was Carols doctors appointment. All the tests that were run came out just as we had hoped. The new medication's are working very well. After the doctor, we went to the Sunrise City Bakery for some celebration pastries. Carol had a huge bear claw; I had a lemon/blueberry scone. Then to Publix for last minute food. The rest of the day we spent getting ready. Tomorrow morning we're on our way. Our destination is the Huguenot Memorial Park, near Jacksonville, via Singletons Seafood Shack. The last time we were there, Carol had fried soft-shell crabs and I had an oyster po-boy. Great seafood right on the St. Johns River.

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