Friday, February 18, 2011

Silverado. Friday-Sunday

Checked the water supply for all the critters. Four of the horses didn't have access to drinking water. Now they do. Were they ever happy when I put then in a corral with a water tub. They all ran to the tub and were drinking the water faster then the hose could fill the tub. I found a device that automatically fills a tub with water, then shuts off the flow at a certain level. Much like the float device used in a toilet tank. They should be just fine going forward.
We went into Douglas today. Found the free city dump station then went to Safeway & Wal-Mart.
When we got back to the campground, Toby had fed the horses. I went to order Carols meds on-line through WalMart but found all the prescriptions had expired so the local WM would not fill them. Called Dr. Hoods office. They are going to fax new prescriptions today to the WM in Benson, AZ. We'll pick them up there next week. I've learned to always order meds. two weeks before you really need them. That allows for things to get messed up and straightened out.
The clouds are starting to roll in. Tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be windy and rainy. Rain would be welcomed. Wet down the dust and water the plants. Everything is just so brown around here. The yucca provides about the only hint of green.


Carol & I used the Gator to feed the critters this morning. I think I now have a reliable water source for all the animals.
Called WalMart. Carols prescriptions are being processed. We'll pick them up next week when we get the mail in Benson.

It's a blustery day. Steady 25 knot winds with gusts in the 45-50 range. The red dust is blowing everywhere. We keep all the windows shut and the roof vents open for ventilation. Even so, there is a fine layer of dust on everything. That's our major objection to the desert areas of AZ & NM. The lack of vegetation allows the near constant winds to blow dirt everywhere, all the time. We do miss our green grass.

Awoke to a cold, cloudy, windy day. Never did improve as the day went on. Toby fed the horses and I repaired the automatic watering system serving two of the corrals. As of now, all corrals have functioning water systems. Belle didn't feed the dogs or chickens/geese, etc., yesterday or today. Sue said that on cold days, Belle doesn't feel very well so sometimes her daily chores, like feeding the animals, just don't get done. It's not always easy being a critter around here. I gave the dogs some of Gophers food & Toby fed the fowl. Once again, I reminded Gopher just how lucky she was to be part of our family. After all, I got her from an ad in the newspaper. Could have been someone else.
It's interesting. There is such a diverse population on the ranch, there are cats, dogs, chickens, pigeons,horses,mules, donkeys, etc., and they all seem to coexist just fine. Shame us humans can't do the same.
A friend of mine in the Escapees, Guy Gibson, is contacting his extensive network and telling them about Belle. Perhaps some will swing by to lend a hand. I posted a note on a Lazy Daze site about the Ranch. Two Lazy Daze friends said they would visit after the upcoming GTG in Benson.
Belle had hopes that a fellow from WA would move his trailer here in early March and take care of the place in return for a free place to live. He showed up yesterday, but needed to be paid in addition to getting free rent. She was disappointed as you might expect.
We've done about all we can do. Things are in better condition then when we showed up plus we are leaving a generous donation towards critter food.
Although we both feel a little guilty, tomorrow we move on. Toby & Sue are staying for one more day. We shared a cup of coffee and a slice of pie with Toby & Sue this afternoon.

Our stay here will, without doubt, be the most memorable experience of this trip.


Russ Krecklow said...

Thanks for the guidance on medications. That's something that my wife and I will need to understand how to work with.
Thanks for sharing.

JenD said...

Those animals sure are lucky that you all came by!!