Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Silverado. Wednesday

Both Belle & Carol use mobility scooters or wheelchairs to get around. The fire pit is built into a large concrete patio which is elevated about 4" above the surrounding dirt. Last night when it came time to burn the old chairs, they both had a hard time getting onto the patio which is clearly not built to A.D.A. standards. An ADA compliant ramp was added to the work list.
In the morning, Harry & I kicked around ideas for a ramp. Harry came up with the great idea of building a ramp using bricks from an unused patio. The result was excellent. The brick patio blends well with the area.
There is a building with a "porch" of sorts, on front. Chickens roost on one end, but the other end is just a huge mess from the pigeons. Belle wanted the porch screened to keep the pigeons out, but still allow the chickens to roost at their end. We found some odds & ends of old gates, fencing and such and did a respectable job all things considered.
We all wish there was hay to feed the horses. Hopefully tomorrow.

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