Friday, February 04, 2011


Friday the 4th:
We're at the Gilbert Ray Campground. It didn't get as cold last night as forecast. This morning it was "only" 26*. We ran both the small electric cube heater and the propane furnace last night. This morning went grocery shopping, and shopping for some new jeans. Both pairs of my jeans finally reached the point where they were ready for the rag bag. At lunch time, we went to a very Mexican part of town. This was clearly a working class sort of neighborhood but we were looking for a real Mexican food place, not a Taco Bell. Well, we found one. The parking lot and adjoining streets were packed with a wide assortment of vehicles; some of which could probably run. Most of the houses had fenced yards with Beware Of The Dog signs. There were three sad looking strays in the street, but they sure weren't the dogs the signs warned against.

I found a parking spot about a block away. The place is a combination of a crude sit down area under a tent and take out. Got takeout. I'm not sure exactly what I ordered but it was excellent. Carol's was a sandwich on a very soft roll with grilled chicken, avocado, lettuce, etc. Mine looked like a huge burrito but wasn't fried. It was a meat, pepper, cheese & sauce combination rolled in a huge tortilla. Looked like something out of Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. I could only eat half. We then stopped at a Mexican Bakery down the street. Got some empanadas. They were OK but nothing special.
It turned out to be a warm & sunny day. Supposed to get down to freezing again tonight, but the trend if for warming. Tomorrow we go to the Desert Museum.

I was looking out the window earlier when a coyote came strolling through the campsite across from us. He allowed me one picture then moved on.

An old college friend of Carols lives in Tucson. Carol gave her a call and Pat McMorrow stopped by for a brief visit. She lives not far from here and has an RV Port attached to her house. It has water, electric & sewer hookups. We're going over there for dinner on Monday. Pat said we could stay for as long as we wanted.
Pat's quite the world traveler and has an RV as well. Her son is a Captain with one of the airlines. Pat gets free flights anywhere they fly. Next month she's flying from LA to Dubai. The last time Carol had visited with Pat was when Suzanne & Chris lived in Tucson. That must be at least 6 or 7 years ago.

Saturday. Today's bid event was the trip to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. It was as wonderful as we remembered from our last visit many years ago. Besides the hummingbird aviary, we especially enjoyed the pieces of animal sculpture here & there. If life ever brings you to Tucson, you really need to spend a day at the museum.

We decided to drive into town for dinner. The last few times we've been driving around, we've noticed this restaurant. A very "rustic" sort of place surrounded by a "parking lot" that's really a big cleared dirt area. It's Tiny's Family Restaurant. Every time we drove by Tiny's the parking lot was packed. Talk about a locals sort of place. Tiny's saw better days many years ago. By 5:00 the place was packed with guys wearing their dress boots & jeans, young people probably on a date, families, etc. It's mainly a steak house. Neither of us is big on steak so we had sandwiches. Just watching the parade of people was worth the price of admission.

Early this evening, a guy I met at Organ Pipe Cactus stopped by to chat. We were going to meet Bill and his wife Carolyn at the Snyder Hill BLM site. Unfortunately, access is temporarily closed because of pipeline construction. Bill continued to Gilbert Ray as we had done. After leaving Organ Pipe, they had stopped by another BLM site on the way to Tucson. There was not another RV in site. While scouting a possible spot to stay, Bill came across a stash of drinking water. Generally these are strategically placed in advance by people assisting illegal border crossers. They left and headed here.

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