Sunday, February 06, 2011

Tucson, continued

Sunday: We went to the Mission San Xavier del Bac this morning for the 11:00 mass. The Mission is on the Tohono O'odham reservation just south of Tucson. It was built in 1692 by Father Kino. There are 82 angles and 100 saints depicted either in sculpture or paint. We have been to some amazing missions during our travels,in fact we seek them out,but nothing quite as grand as this.
In the large courtyard in front of the church, a group of Indians had set up booths to sell food. We had a great lunch of Indian Tacos with green chili sauce. Another truly authentic taste of the local cuisine.
While traveling through the reservation, we have come across a number of cemeteries. They are the most colorful we have ever seen.

When we got back to the campground, our Lazy Daze friends Ken & Bev Schultz were there. We've been exchanging e-mails for a week and finally met up. We're sharing a pot of chili for dinner tonight. As we were driving into the campground, a Lazy Daze was checking in. John & ?? from Washington. They are big football fans so they are heading into town in search of the Super Bowl. We'll meet up with them in the morning.

The weather is getting much better. When I got up this morning it was a decent 41*. Right now it's 65 and sunny.

A bit of sad news came our way. Another really good Lazy Daze friend, Barb Thomas lost her long struggle with cancer. She passed away last night. You would be hard pressed to find a nicer, more helpful couple then Barry & Barb. Anytime anyone needed any help, Barry & Barb were the first to extend their hand. She will be missed by a lot of people.

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