Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Camper

The camper* turned four on April 25th. 74,169 miles. That's an average of 18,542 miles per year.  It's right at 3,000 miles from Boston to LA.  So each year we've made the equivalent of three cross country round trips.  If we continue at that rate, by 2016 the Lazy Daze will be approaching 150,000 miles.  Our mechanic says that a well maintained V-10, and transmission, should be good  for about 200,000 miles before needing a major overhaul.   Baring the unforeseen, we have no plans on slowing down. We're talking about buying a 2015. We'll have to see what 2015 brings.

We put about 60,000 miles on our 2000 LD, which we bought used,  before we sold it to buy the '08. That's 134,000 miles of driving a Lazy Daze.We have experienced no Ford or Lazy Daze issues that would not be expected with that amount of usage.

* Some people have a name for their camper. We don't. I sometimes wonder why people name inanimate objects, but they do. My Uncle Leo always had a name for his car. Boats of any decent size,  almost always have a name.  All ships do. Bomber pilots in WW-II named their planes. Tioga George names everything.
We've just never been in that habit. In fact, mostly we just refer to Gopher as "the dog".  She's been called "the dog" for so long, she answers to the name "dog" as well as Gopher.  To each his own.

Today we went to church. Tomorrow Carol takes everyone shopping. $$$$$
We're really enjoying our visit with Suzanne and family. On Tuesday, May 1st, we continue on.

Happy Birthday, Camper. You've been the source of unimaginable fun for the last four years. 


Jim and Gayle said...

Can't wait to see your new 2015 LD! Whenever we contemplate a bigger RV, we come back to the reliability of Lazy Daze. Glad we discovered it. No, ours doesn't have a name, either.

suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Camper! We should have had birthday cake!

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

You're not planning on buying that 2015 this year, are you? :)

I'm with you on the naming. Brighty's the first thing I've named that's inanimate. I have a friend who has a van named Morrison. Took me awhile to get that one.

Jimbo said...

2015 sounds like a long way off but it will be here in no time.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to LD, rig, RV, Lazy Daze, Rear Bath or whatever!