Friday, April 27, 2012

Escaping bad weather.

On Wednesday, we pulled into the city campground in Gering.  The plan was to spend the next day exploring the Scott's Bluff area. After registering, the host handed me a list of nearby tornado shelters. He said a storm system was heading this way on Thursday and an RV was no place to be in a really bad storm. No news flash there. The internet weather report was talking about the possibility of hail and gusts to 60 mph.  Unlike the pioneers we were following, we had the option of going someplace else. On Thursday morning, bright and early, we headed south to Chris & Suzanne's house in Longmont, CO.  Scott's Bluff will have to wait.
We're "camping" on the street in front of her house now enjoying the company of  grandchildren Isabella(Izzy) and Oliver .
The Forest Service campgrounds at the lower elevations in CO, open on May 1st so we'll be here until then.  Our Lazy Daze friends, John and Linda, called. They're joining us at the Green Mountain Reservoir next week, along with their dog, and Gophers friend, Sadie. After that, we're working our way north to the Dinosaur National Monument, then picking up the Oregon Trail in Idaho.


Jimbo said...

Stay out of the wind! Glad you are able to meet up with John and Linda. It should be a great time!

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

Ahhh, Longmont. I used to have a friend there who worked for IBM down in Gunbarrel. I'd go stay with her and we'd go out to dinner and then go back to her house and drink Bailey's Irish Creme. Ha - only time I ever drank Bailey's, so now I associate it with her.

Glad you missed the big winds. Stay safe, though now that you're close to the mountains, things should be a bit better, except for those Boulder winds. :)