Monday, August 06, 2012

Catching up

Monday, August 6
Some unexpected medical issues caused us to change our plans. We spent the last several days at Suzannes house in Colorado getting acquainted with some new doctors. All is well and we're back on the road.
We had an opportunity to spend lots of time with Izzy and Oliver. This is their last week of summer before school starts. Izzy is going into 6th grade and Oliver starts kindergarten. We remember Izzy's birth very well; Suzanne came close to dying shortly after delivery. Chris called us at night saying things were looking very poorly and Suzanne might not make it. We took the next flight from Orlando to Denver.  Fortunately, a very observant doctor had noticed what was horribly wrong early enough and saved Suzanne's life.
Today is our 46th wedding anniversary. We're at a beautiful city campground in Ladner, WY. It's part of a large city park with a ball field, tennis courts, the biggest children's play area we've seen, horse shoe pits, on and on. It's free for up to three nights. (42.82139 -108.73684) Plus tonight at 7pm there is a free concert. We're close enough to the band so we'll be able to hear very well. We had a very nice dinner and now a concert.   What a great way to spend our anniversary.
46 years ago we were married in Gales Ferry, CT. I was a young Ensign in submarine school and Carol was a medical technologist at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. After the reception at Carols parents house, we zipped away in my bright red Triumph TR-4A.  That's been a while ago. Enough. All I'm missing is Barbara Streisand singing Memories.
Tomorrow we continue to the Gros Ventre campground in the Grand Teton NP. We're meeting up with a group of our Lazy Daze friends for a few weeks.

Life is Good.


Donna K said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Carol. 46 years is quite a feat. A concert sounds like a perfect way to celebrate.

Scary story you told about Izzy's birth. Thank goodness it all turned out okay.

Russ Krecklow said...

Happy Anniversary you two. Glad to hear you're close to family, and that everything is going o.k. Enjoy the Tetons, and the Lazy Daze.

Jim and Gayle said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! Glad all is well and you are back on the road.

Jimbo said...

Happy Anniversary!. Glad you got to spend it with a nice dinner and concert to boot.

That was quite a story about Suzanne and Izzy!