Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Grand Teton National Park

We met up with our camping friends John and Linda, Jerry and Ann, Ron and Jane, and Ken at the Gros Ventre campground.
Grand Teton NP is mostly about hiking which we don't do anymore but we did enjoy side trips to Lower Slide Lake and the Saturday Farmers Market in Jackson. The smoke from the many forest fires in Idaho is really obscuring the view. Hikers are staying out of the valleys because of the dense smoke. We were going to take the scenic drive to Jenny Lake but were advised we wouldn't see much.

Each morning three moose wandered through the campground.
 There were two females.
 And this guy strolling next to our campsite. Jerry took this picture.
 The mountains on one of the clearer days.

This RV is made in Switzerland based on a German made chassis. The Swiss couple shipped it from Switzerland to Halifax this past April. They're heading home in October.   It holds 200 gallons of diesel and gets 6-7 mpg. The tires came up to my chest.  The cost? We're guessing that if you need to ask how much, you can't afford it. Wonder what it costs to ship this to/from Switzerland?

It's become so smokey we changed our plan about visiting Yellowstone. In the morning we head south to the mountains of northern Colorado.


Donna K said...

I've read about those motorhomes. Wow, would love to see one in person. I couldn't even afford the shipping to get it from here to wherever!!

Jimbo said...

Too bad about all the smoke. Hope everyone is having a good time! I miss you all.

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

That smoke has really hit the Moab and S. Colorado region also. Don't know about N CO, but it's bad here in Moab today.

Love the Tetons, and the moose photos were fun.