Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Elephant Butte

We're enjoying our stay here. So far, except for one 5th wheel on Saturday night, we've had the beach area all to ourselves.
Ken Fears is staying at the Monticello South campground. He stopped by for a visit on Saturday on his way into T or C.
Sunday was a stormy day. Depending on what weather guesser you listened to, the winds were from 30 to 50mph. The lake was covered with white caps.  We had some brief snow flurries as well with an overnight low of 27*.  
A stormy Sunday

It was so windy it was blowing the seagulls away!

Today was a more typical day. At, or below, freezing at night but close to 60* during the day with winds in the 10 to 15mph range. Our Wave 3 heater is doing a decent job. When it's right at freezing outside, we've been waking up to about 55* inside. Cool, but manageable. Ken is staying in a site with electricity plus he's an engineer by training. Here is his cold weather solution. He has three heaters with thermostats. An electric  free standing one, the reverse cycle part of the A/C system and the propane furnace. He sets the thermostat on the free standing heater at 68*, sets the A/C to 66* and the furnace to 64*. That way, according to his engineering calculations, he's keeping warm in the most efficient possible way.  Our non-engineering solution to cold weather boondocking  is another blanket or layer of clothes.  Everybody is happy. What else matters?

On Friday we continue north to arrive in Longmont on Sunday, March 3rd.

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Donna K said...

Got a chuckle out of the engineers solution!! Effective but complicated, I guess. Glad you are enjoying yourselves. Take care.