Saturday, March 02, 2013

Made it to Longmont. Our new home.

On Wednesday afternoon, the 27th, we left the main Elephant Butte area and drove north looking for some of the other camping areas. Besides the area we were in, the are a dozen more camping areas in the EB State Park. The ones we came across we're very rustic. The dirt access roads were marginal looking and should be investigated with a  car before trying with a camper.  We wound up at the South Monticello Point campground. Water/electric sites for $14/night. We camped right next to Ken. The lake in this area is really low. The only water is in a rather narrow channel on the far side of the lake. The boat ramp is closed.

On Thursday we continued north. Stopped in Soccoro for a WalMart run then on to ABQ. Picked up some goodies at the Trader Joe's then went to the Sandia Casino where we spent the night.  We didn't go inside the casino but did fill up with some Indian gas for $3.17/gal. The cheapest gas we've come across in quite sometime.   

Not as nice as Elephant Butte

Friday we drove to Trinidad, CO and stayed at the WalMart for the night.

On Saturday we continued to Monument to have lunch with our friends John and Linda continued on to Longmont; our new home.

We arrived in Longmont on March 2nd at 2:30pm. 2,708 miles from our old home in Fort Pierce, FL to our new home in Longmont. A wonderfully, uneventful trip. No mechanical problems, no wrecks, no major traffic tie-ups. Just perfect.

First thing, Gopher and I took a walk around our new neighborhood then I drove Carol around.  The house is locked up but we got our first look at the outside.
We'll meet with Becky the sales lady, on Tuesday or so.

We are so glad to be here.


Roger Nickey said...

Hey Ed. Great to have you and Carol "out West" Hope to se you soon

Jimbo said...

I second Roger's comment. Looking forward to seeing you both in May.