Friday, February 11, 2011

Heading south

Gopher & I took one last early morning walk around Tubec. Mostly it was us and the garbage guys & the food delivery trucks. Took a few last pictures.
Today's destination is the Patagonia State Park, east of Nogales near Patagonia. The GPS picked out a scenic back-road planned to keep us off I-19. We were cruising along just fine until a sign appeared saying "pavement ends in 1,000'". I've driven on dirt roads before so not to worry. Well. The road got narrower & bumpier the further I went. Not knowing how much narrower or bumpier it got I decided to cut my losses and back up. There wasn't enough road to turn around.
Finally I just got back on I-19. Boring but predictable.
Patagonia Lake is the only body of water we've seen for quite a while. It's a man-made lake used for irrigation & drinking water. $25/night for a site with water & electric. Our site gives us a partial view of the lake. The Park has a marina with boat rentals. This is probably a popular summer camping area.


Joe Ellis said...

Great pictures and info. Ed you could publish an encyclopedia of all the info you've gathered on your trips. Love reading about it. Love Carol for me.

JenD said...

Love the evolution/devolution artwork and your new rings!

Russ Krecklow said...

Good info about that campground. Thanks for sharing.