Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Tucson, Tuesday

Said goodbye to Pat and headed out. We decided to visit the Pima Air & Space Museum. After the Smithsonian, it's supposedly the largest and highest quality such museum in America. The place was just huge. There were four large inside exhibit areas plus acres of outdoor exhibits. Dogs are allowed in the buildings and outdoors, so the three of us took a nice walk. After Carol tired out, we went back to the camper for lunch. After lunch Carol & Gopher rested up and I went back to the museum.
Tonight's "campground" is the parking lot of the Desert Diamond:Nogales Highway Casino. I just noticed we're camping right next to the Tucson Airport. Wonder how busy the airport is at night? We'll find out.

About an hour ago a long train went by. The tracks are between our campground and the airport. Free just doesn't buy as much as it used to.

We ate at the buffet. It was Oriental night at the trough. Not bad for $9/person. The cigarette smoke in the casino area was so thick it made my eyes water. We aren't much at gambling our money away anyway, but even were we so inclined, we would not have done it here.

Security is good in the parking lot. Well lighted plus Injun Joe, the security guy, rides his bike around here now & then.

Tucson is a really nice city. Lots of interesting things to see & do. Even so, we have a limited appetite for city traffic, noise, and such. Tomorrow we continue our exploration of rural SE Arizona.

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Donna K said...

Looks like an interesting place to visit. Thanks for the note about dogs being allowed. We haven't started our travels yet but will have our dogs with us when we do. Looking for places where they are welcome.