Monday, April 10, 2006

Wyoming campgrounds

Snowy Range is on 130 west of Centennial (great breakfast place) turn south off route 80 near Laramie- there are several camp grounds- Brooklyn Lake was the one we liked the best. There was still snow on the ground in July. the other is also off RT.80 at Sinclar it is an hour ride to the north -Seminoe Dam and State Park. A few mile in there is a turn off where we saw some people camped . It was 20 minutes from 80 at the North Platte River . 8 miles north of Sinclar and free camping, BLM boondocking. Some of these places have mosquietos and some have flys . If you have a good wind neither. Semino is a big boating camp area but it has a great view just for looking a senery.