Saturday, March 03, 2012

We're home once again.

Our trip home from the Southwest was dramatically changed by a phone call on February 14 just as we were entering LA from TX on LA Route 82. A nurse from Moms ACLF called to say she wasn’t feeling well at all and needed to see the doctor ASAP. We headed straight home arriving on February 16. Ginny had already taken Mom to the doctor. When we got home Mom was in the ICU with a severe lung infection. She never recovered and passed away quietly at 11:40am on the 22nd. Mom was 93 years old. It was a very difficult ten days but fortunately for Carol and me, Jennifer and Karen were able to come down from Virginia to be with us.

Thursday-Saturday, March 01-03, 2012
Time to get away for a few days.
We’re camped right on the north bank of the Saint Johns River at the Huguenot Memorial Park; one of our favorite FL campgrounds. It’s a very nice campground owned by the City of Jacksonville. $22/night less 10% for being officially old. There are no electrical hookups in this campground so that eliminates almost all RV campers. Mostly it’s tenters. There is a central water supply and a dump station as well as a fairly new shower house.
On our way here, we had lunch at our favorite seafood restaurant; Singleton’s Seafood Shack. It’s right on the river about a block west of the Mayport Ferry. We shared the sampler platter which was more then enough for both lunch and Thursday night’s dinner plus leftovers for Gopher. She’s such a mooch. At dinner she curls up right under the dinette table. As soon as she knows we’re finished eating, she crawls out and lays her head on our knee and asks if we saved anything for the family dog. How could we not?

Gopher and I took a nice walk then Carol and I sat at the picnic table and played Rummikub and watched the ships entering and leaving the port of Jacksonville. If you put a ships name, or the hull number for military ships, in Google, up will come some very interesting information concerning the ship. I enjoy identifying the different types of ships.
An FBM submarine pulled into the naval station on Friday morning for a few hours. The hull numbers were painted out so it was most likely on patrol and needed some emergency parts or repairs. Brought back memories of my submarine days. The naval base is home to DESRON 14; the largest destroyer squadron in the Navy.

Sunset from our campsite

Our campsite

A very relaxing few days after a stressful two weeks.

I’m fiddling with our blog trying to learn more about the extra features I see others using. Of course, there is nothing Google can do to make me a better writer.

The main topic of discussion is where to go for the rest of the year. It seems harsh to say, but for the last sixteen years, and especially for the last five, my mother has been a major consideration when planning the frequency and length of our trips. That’s no longer the case. Carol’s side of the family is having a reunion in Mystic, CT in July. Initially the plan was to go there and then return home. A few days ago, Carol announced she really didn’t want to go to the reunion and we should just head west in April and stay out there until December. Carol’s the oldest of nine and I know her brothers and sisters would all be disappointed if she wasn’t there. We’ll see but it will be whatever Carol decides.
On Sunday, we’re heading across the river to Hanna Park. The sixth anniversary Southeast Lazy Daze GTG starts on Monday. A few of our friends are also arriving on Sunday. There are 28 rigs expected to partake in the Spring Fling.