Friday, March 17, 2017

Amazing weather. We had to go.

This winter in CO has been just amazing. There have been several high temperature records broken. It's just so nice we just had to go somewhere.
We left home on Wednesday the 15th for a trip starting at Green River, UT, then south towards Hanksville, over to Torrey, then back south towards Bluff, north to Blanding, then Monticello then, weather permitting, towards Buena Vista, CO then home.

The first night we stayed at the Rabbit Valley area. Drove some of the jeep roads looking for more sites for our camper, but the roads were too deeply rutted. There is a nice RV area off of a well maintained road so we stayed there.
From our campsite in Rabbit Valley

On Thursday we continued to Green River. Had a great lunch at a Mexican food truck then went to the Lower Gray Canyon Recreation BLM area for the night. Our campsite was right along the Green River. Drove the jeep along the river for a while.

From our campsite on the Green River

On Friday we stayed at the Green River State Park so we could dump the tanks and fill with water before heading for a week, or do, of disbursed camping towards Goblin Valley.  I needed windshield wiper blades so I stopped at the NAPA store in Green River. The guy asked what quality I wanted. I said good ones. He took two off the rack, went out and put them on for me, then rang up the $48!!! sale. Wow. For $48 they better be good.