Friday, January 21, 2011

Q Days 3 & 4

Woke up to 34* this morning. Can't go much further south around here and still be in the US. Some of the people here were telling us about the super deals they get on meds. & eye glasses in Mexico. You don't even need a prescription for the meds. We've talked about Mexico but simply have no interest. Money is not that tight.

We drove into town today and found a wonderful local bakery. After that we just poked around here & there. Parking for the camper is starting to get tight and traffic is picking up. The RV show starts tomorrow. We went to La Posa South where there is a dump station and water fill. First we parked and took long showers then joined the line to dump the tanks and fill with water. We were #15 in line. It took about 45 minutes but we used the time to clean the camper and rearrange some drawers. The old hands at Q said from 45 minutes to an hour is about the norm. There are two dump stations and four water fills.

On the way back, we stopped to visit with two good Escapee friends who are from Florida; Sue & George. George is in his mid-90's, he's a bit wobbly and has macular degeneration, but he's still traveling. Sue does the driving. They just came back from Alaska!!.

Another warm & sunny afternoon.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Q days 1 & 2

We arrived in Quartzite on Tuesday the 18th after making our final WalMart & grocery store stop. There are no reasonably priced grocery stores in Q. There are two main streets in Q. Highway 95 and Kuehn Road. Both streets are absolutely jammed with vendors of everything you could imagine. We parked at the Tyson Wells area. They had a lot big enough for an RV plus the ground was solid enough for Carols scooter. Spent an hour or so just looking around at stuff of all sorts. Rocks, gems & minerals are especially big. In the picture with Carol & the rocks, the large crystal looking rock had a price tag of $800!!. My father would have really liked this place. He used to bring home rocks from his trips and cut & polish them.
We bought some "amazing, dry anything, wipe up any spill, etc., etc" rags for $4.50. I'm half surprised;they actually do work pretty well.
Later in the day we went to the La Posa West LTVA (Long Term Visitor Area) and bought a 14 day permit for $40. The permit is mandatory but is accepted at all local BLM sites so we'll get our $40's worth. Roger, who organized this GTG, picked the campsite. It was OK if you had a car like he did, but very inconvenient if, like most everyone, you didn't. It was a long way on dusty pot-hole filled dirt roads from where the events take place. Carols scooter will never work from here and it's probably a two mile walk. There were better choices readily available. Oh well, live & learn. Should we come here again, we'll know where to go.
We met up with the owners of seven other Lazy Daze. In a few days, there should be about ten rigs here. On Wednesday, we all went out to lunch at the Grubstake Social Club. They are known for their fried fish dinner. It was both huge and wonderful. We are thoroughly enjoying the company of such a nice group of people.
The weather is just perfect. Clear & sunny with about 70* during the day & 50 at night. Each evening we had a fire. Tonight the moon is full. Just gorgeous.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Heading towards "Q"

Time to move on. We drove to Lake Havasu this morning. Went to WalMart, Basra's and Safeway in search of some good prepared salads. This Safeway was a winner. Just like the one near Alex's house. A great deli, bakery, fresh veggies, etc. After that we did laundry and topped off the propane tank. From now on, we won't be having any more electrical connections for quite a time. All the camping around "Q" is boondocking. Right now we're at The Crossroads BLM campground just north of Parker,AZ but on the CA side of the Colorado River. $2.50/night !!! with the Geezer Card. Our site is under a shade tree with an unobstructed view of the Colorado River. Doesn't get much better then this.
Tomorrow we drive to "Q" to meet up with some other Lazy Daze owners.