Monday, March 27, 2017


On Sunday, we took a Jeep ride west of Monticello on CR-101, Harts Draw Road, looking for future disbursed camping sites. We came across two nice ones. Then we headed north on US-191 to CR-211 which leads to the Needles section of Canyonlands NP. We found a very nice area along Hart Point Road running north off 211 and settled in. The view to the north is the LaSal Mountains and to the south the Abajo Mountains. A very strong VZ signal.
Unfortunately, the weather forecast is for rain starting Monday night and continuing through Wednesday. These red dirt roads are best avoided in rain so our stay here will be short.

The LaSal Mountains

On Monday we moved back to the campsite along the shore of Lloyds Lake to ride out the weather. I picked up lunch at the Wagon Wheel Italian restaurant. Very good.

Our plan was to spend the next two weeks in Colorado but the more typical Spring weather has returned to the mountains. For now we'll stay in UT.

We woke up to this in the morning.
We moved down to the visitor center to get to a lower elevation, had breakfast then headed to Moab. Carols angels were with us today. We pulled into the Kens Lake BLM campground just minutes after someone pulled out. That was the last available site. We'll hang around here for a while.