Thursday, April 27, 2006

Travel plans

Ed and Carol Travel plans for Summer 2006

Leave here May 4th.

Stopping in FL, MS & AR and spending two nights in Branson, MO. Check out the Country/Western capital of America.

Then north through SD & ND stopping several times. Custer State Park in ND is supposed to be real nice. It's in the Black Hills area of ND.

Arrive in KC to visit Johnny/Marge on the 12th.

Then through the top part of MT stopping in Fort Peck & Shelby. Then to Glacier(MT)/Waterton Lakes(Canada) by the 31st of May.

Then north through Alberta, CA (gas is $4/ CA now. Who knows what it will be in June) To Banff( Lake Louise), Yoho & Jasper, south through the Kamloops,British Columbia area.

Then to Lake Roosevelt Nat. Rec. Area (Grand Coulee Dam) Washington then to Henry's Lake SP in Idaho. We have reservations here for June 16-18. I saved an article from I don't remember where that said this just might by Americas best state park.

Then through Yellowstone. We have to be in Cheyenne on June 24 for the Lazy Daze Rally. At this point, they are expecting about 350 Lazy Daze motor homes. It will be like looking for your house in a huge subdivision where all the houses look alike.

Suzanne in Longmont after Yellowstone. Probably about the June 21st/22nd and visiting before we go to Cheyenne.

After Cheyenne we're going to Pawnee at Branard Lake elevation 10,000 feet for July 4th. Also no fireworks are allowed. Gopher the Aussie is scared to death of them .

We have reservations in Dillon, CO from July 5th through the 9th. Johnny and Marge are renting a place in Keystone.

After Dillon we will just drift here & there to arrive in Driggs by July 22nd. Might head towards Rifle, CO then northwest to Vernal, UT, depending on the weather. If it's hot, we'll stay in the mountains and head towards the Flaming Gorge area then north towards the Grand Tetons. If the weather is pleasant, we may head over towards Salt Lake City to see what's around there. Nothing firm from July 9th to the 22nd.