Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April 10th James Island County Park

We had a very nice day today. Took two long walks. Stopped at the off-leash area. Here are two pictures. The link is to the St. James Island County Park.
In the morning we head for Myrtle Beach State Park. About two hours from here.

Monday, April 09, 2007

April 6th through the 9th

On the 6th & 7th, we stayed at the Dynasty Campground near Springfield, GA. The owner breeds, and trains, Australian Shepherds. I found the place on the internet. Overall, we were disappointed with our stay. The advertising played up a great dog park with an obstacle course, off leash area, etc. Turns out the place was not well kept, the facility was much overrated and the dogs she raised didn't didn't look any better than Gopher. On the other hand, we met a very nice couple from Michigan. He coaches ice hockey at the University of Michigan. Oh well. Some winners, some losers.
On Sunday, we headed out to Charleston, SC to stay a the St. James Island County Park. This place is great. We'll be back. Full hookups, three miles of paved multi-use trails, perfect for Carol's scooter, and very well kept. There is a shuttle that will take you into downtown Charleston for the day. We didn't take it because the trip lasts all day. At this point Carol felt that would be a bit much. Next time perhaps. This place has the biggest off-leash dog area imaginable. Must be the size of a football field. It fronts onto a beautiful, clear lake. Stopped there once yesterday and twice today. A tired dog is a well behaved dog. We drove the RV to nearby Folly Beach today. Managed to find a parking place and had a real good seafood lunch.
We're really enjoying the trip so far. Staying here again tomorrow then heading for Myrtle Beach on Wednesday. There have been times we wish we towed a car with us. When we get back from this trip I'm going to look into it. Would be nice to go out to eat more often, explore local sites on our time frame, etc. Carol's need for a wheelchair does limit our activities. A car would help a lot.
Still cool by our standards. A low of 42* last night.