Sunday, November 06, 2011

Free phone & video calls

A few weeks ago I discovered a great app. for the iPhone/Pad. Called Tango.


It allows for absolutely free ,no strings attached, no advertising, voice/video calls to any other Tango subscriber any where in the world. Both parties must have the Tango app. installed on a smart phone or a computer with a camera/speaker and have a wi-fi connection. That's all there is to it. My sister called her son in Toyko the other day. Got to see her grandchildren for the first time this year.
Tango has become out primary calling plan to the kids. Last week Suzanne called to show us the snow storm they had in CO. Oliver was in the back yard building a snowman. Then we saw Finn and Teagan carving pumpkins in Virginia. 

For years Carol & I rejected this new technology as being interesting but of no particular value to us.  Now we're addicted. Have a Kindle Fire on order!!