Friday, April 07, 2017


Tuesday the 28th.
We woke up to snow in Monticello so decided to head south to warmer Moab.  Over an inch had accumulated on the Jeep.

We're in the Kens Lake BLM campground which is about 15 minutes south of downtown Moab. A cold, rainy and windy day with a little sun now and then.

Ken's Lake BLM campground

We went to the Sweet Cravings Bakery and Bistro for lunch. Carol just had to get some of their super cowboy cookies.
Then we drove by a few other campgrounds; most were full. People were driving through this campground all day hoping to find a spot; no luck, its full.
There were Spring Break families everywhere. Merchants must love this time of year.

A beautiful, sunny day.
Took a ride along the La Sal Mountain Loop Road then back to Moab via the muddy, red dirt, Sand Flats Road. Then to the car wash to blast off the worst of the mud before it turned to red rock.
We had lunch at Susie's Branding Iron.  Dumped the tanks and took on water.

Drove the Jeep along the Potash Rd/Shafer Trail.  We've done this drive before; it's one of our favorites.

Went grocery shopping but not much else. It rained on and off most of the day and  into the evening. We talked about when to head home then paid for four more days which brings us through Tuesday. There is a 14 day limit here which would bring us to the 10th. There just isn't that much interesting to do at home so we decided to stay around here for a while longer.

Cloudy and cold in the morning. After lunch, we took a ride up to Hurrah Pass.

Didn't feel like a long drive so I just drove the Jeep around the dirt trails that are around the campground. We went to dinner at Susie's Branding Iron.

Another cool and cloudy day. We decided to head home in the morning. Had lunch at The Moab Diner.

Tuesday. Drove to Rifle, CO and spent the night in the rest area. Snow was forecast for Vail Pass and the Chain Law was in effect but Rifle was dry and about halfway home.

Up early, breakfast at McDonalds and on the way home. The Chain Law was still in effect but the roads were perhaps 90% clear. What a sloppy mess of sand and chemicals from the slushy roads. Around Idaho Springs on the westbound side, thank goodness, there was a rock slide that blocked one lane. Westbound traffic was backed up almost to the I-76 turnoff.

The camper and Jeep were totally covered with the grime from the drive. When it dried, it was like a hard coating on everything. I could barely scratch it with my fingernail. I used a "blaster" attachment on the garden hose but still had to go to the carwash to use their more powerful equipment and, even after that, had to hand wash both vehicles. Lesson learned; wait until the roads have dried out.

Planning our May trip to the Colorado mountains.