Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Being home is hard work

After every trip, I wind up with a 20, or so, item Lazy Daze work list. Nothing big; mostly nickle & dime stuff. Today I finally!! finished washing & waxing the exterior. What a chore. I only wax the camper once a year. Probably should do it every six months.
I picked up two stone chips in the windshield on this trip. Taking care of that on Friday.
Mostly we're dealing with the mundane chores of daily life. Being home isn't nearly as much fun as traveling.
Our major diversion is planning our Summer trip. Right now, it looks something like this. Track up the East Coast taking the Outer Banks, then the Chesapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel to Maryland. Then to VA to visit with Jennifer & Alex. Then to PA Dutch Country and the Green Dragon!! and to the family reunion in White Haven,PA. After that, head north into Ontario to St. Jacob's then cross back to the US at Sault St. Marie, MI. Than head west across the UP then south through Wisconsin, Illinois and Missouri to the Lazy Daze GTG in Arkansas in early October, then home. Per Streets & Trips, that's a 6,000+- mile trip. I need to either get this long distance driving under control, or start funding another Lazy Daze purchase account.
We both enjoy traveling so much, I suspect as long as we're healthy enough, we won't slow down. Need to call Todd and tell him to reserve a 2015 Blue Mid-Bath. :-)