Saturday, August 29, 2009

Longmont. Suzanne & Family

Wednesday through Sunday

Went to the Fairgrounds Campground in Longmont. About 4:00 we went to Suzanne’s to help with the move as best we could. Carol played with Izzy & Oliver in the RV. We went out for Chinese. Today is the last day they will be in the house. Tonight Suzanne & the children are staying in a hotel while Chris finishes the final packing.
On Thursday, Suzanne & Chris had the closing on both their new & old house. Everything went smoothly. About noon time we went to the new house to help unload the rental truck. Everyday was spent putting things away. We took care of Izzy & Finn to let Suzanne get things done. On Saturday we took them to the Farmers Market.

Salida & DeWeese Reservoir


Drove to Salida. Went grocery shopping. The lady at the Welcome Center recommended a good bakery so we treated ourselves to a loaf of multi-grain bread and some pastries. Very good. Later we went to a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) campground just east of town. It’s right on the Arkansas River. There are six other RV’s here. It’s free. We are able to see the river from our site. As we get lower, it’s starting to warm up. The high today is in the mid-80’s. It’s good sleeping weather with a low in the mid-40’s. Carol likes the warm weather; I miss the cooler days in the mountains. The elevation here is 7,000’.


Nothing special. Just enjoyed a pretty day. Jennifer & Karen are at our house visiting with Mom. Took her shopping then made dinner at home.

Continued our journey. We went to Salida in the morning. Dumped the tanks & filled up with water at the city Visitors Center. First thing we went to Safeway & the bakery, filled up with gas then headed to the De Weese Reservoir State Recreation Area. The road to the reservoir was horrible; three or four miles of very rough washboard. When we leave here, we’re going to try the other way. Can’t be any worse. I hope. We arrived about noon time. Even thought it’s Saturday, we found a nice site right along the water. There are no designated campsites here; you just stop wherever you want. There are bathrooms & a dumpster. The camping is free. The elevation is 7,700’.

Monday, August 23, 2009 & Tuesday

Drove to John & Linda Leaches lot near Monument, CO. Had a wonderful visit. Gopher especially liked the place. There are several acres of vacant land for her to roam about.