Monday, March 03, 2008

Our trip out West, Spring 2008

We've been home way too long. We're both anxious to get on the road again.
This coming weekend we're going to Disney World to meet the people who are buying our 2000 Lazy Daze. Steve & Carol Crisp from New Hampshire. They're flying in and we're camping at Fort Wilderness on Sunday & Monday. They bought the motorhome sight unseen so they are, understandably, anxious to see it. We'll spend the weekend going over it from bumper to bumper.
Looking forward to the trip to Disney. Always a fun place to stay.
Spent a few hours today getting things ready for the Disney trip plus our big trip to pick up our new 2008 Lazy Daze. We were planning on keeping our 2000 LD forever but we just enjoy traveling so much, we decided to treat ourselves to a new one. It's being built now with an estimated completion date of mid-April. We're going to a Southeast Lazy Daze Get Together(GTG) at Hanna Park near Jacksonville from March 12 to the 15th then heading West. Carol & I formed the Southeast LD Club in 2006. The plan is to spend time in Texas, New Mexico & Arizona on the way to the Lazy Daze factory in Montclair, CA. The Southwest Lazy Daze Club is having a GTG at Theodore Roosevelt Lake east of Phoenix, AZ on April 4th. We're going to join them. It's always fun meeting other LD owners. After that, we'll see what the delivery schedule for our new LD is and plan accordingly. Some of the people from the Southwest Club are heading to Mexico after the Roosevelt Lake GTG. Depending on the delivery schedule, we may join them. The people who are buying our 2000, are picking it up at the LD factory on the same day we pick up our new one.
After picking up our new motorhome, we plan on touring California, Nevada, Oregon & Washington, then visiting with Suzanne & family in Longmont,CO then stopping by to see Johnny & Marge near Kansas city, KS, to be home by June 15th.
Well, that's the plan. We'll see how it all unfolds.
Carol is doing much better these days. Doesn't need her wheelchair anymore. Can get around for short distances with her cane. We'll be traveling with Gopher on this trip. Balou & Bagera are still with Jennifer. We'll be picking them up this summer.