Friday, April 06, 2012

The Oregon Trail.

In the past, we have frequently planned our travels around a central theme. Over a period of three different trips, we explored the entire Corps of Discovery Expedition (Lewis and Clark), of 1804-1806. One year we followed the War of 1812 all along the Great Lakes. Another year it was historic rails-to-trails sites in New England, another year we went biking along the historic canal systems like the Old Erie Canal.

Since we’re heading to Oregon this trip, we thought we would study up on, and then follow, portions of the Oregon Trail. We both have Kindle readers and found one free book on Amazon about the Trail and another historical novel for $0.99. We enjoy learning our history via historical novels. We find them much more interesting then reading a history book. Before we went to Alaska years ago, I read Michener’s Alaska. I’ve also read his Texas, Mexico, Chesapeake, Hawaii, and more. All worth reading.

We’ll follow the parts of the Trail that ran through Nebraska, just a small part of the Wyoming portion, Idaho, and Oregon. Our detour south to Colorado to visit family and then the newly remodeled Dinosaur National Monument exhibits, will make us bypass the majority of Wyoming. Another time perhaps.

We’re all ready to head out on Tuesday morning. One more doctor thing on Monday and that’s it. The camper just got a bath and a partial wax job, the inside is clean, new tires (Goodyear G947 RSS) and the mechanic says we’re ready for the road.

We've been home for right at seven weeks; that's plenty long enough.