Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Southeast Lazy Daze Group GTG, Williston, FL

Carol & I attended the SELD Williston, FL GTG. We arrived on Sunday and will head out in the morning. The rally continues until Friday morning but we had a prior commitment we could not change.
There were twelve rigs here; a pretty good turnout for the newest and smallest of the regional groups. Jeanne Gaffney will be the next Wagon Master, Mistress I suppose. Jeanne is a real ball of fire and will do a wonderful job.

On Tuesday we tried something new, a 6:30 desert social. It was very well received. Everyone brought the most wonderful homemade goodies. Tedd & Mary Lou Lester were here. We met them at the very first SE Lazy Daze GTG held in January, 2006. They are a very interesting couple. Years ago they through hiked the A.T. Tedd's a great singer and guitar player with four CD's to his credit. He provided the entertainment.

Carol & her friends by the old train.

The undeveloped area behind the campground is full of old vehicles. Trains, trolly cars, autos, trucks, etc. It's a fun place to explore.

From here we head home to work on the plans for our Winter trip and to give the Lazy Daze its annual checkup at the garage. Seems I can never get the LD out of the garage for much less then $500. I always tell Jerry the same thing, go from bumper to bumper. If a piece or part needs replacing, do it. I'd much rather head off a problem at home then deal with it in at a strange garage in the middle of nowhere.

Next trip: Christmas in Longmont,CO with our daughters family, then south to Arizona to join up with some of our Lazy Daze friends, then back to Florida in time for the big Southeast Group GTG in Hanna Park in early March. Jeanne Gaffney is the hostess for this GTG so it's bound to be a great event.