Saturday, December 01, 2012

A few of our favorites from over the years

 Elephant Butte State Park. New Mexico.
I was so focused on the 10' 4" clearance sign, I didn't notice the 3 tons weight limit until we had crossed the bridge. Should have sent the PA DOT a note that this bridge had been weight tested at 7 tons!!

We only had to drive about ten miles to get to our destination along the Snake River in Oregon.

This was our destination. The Snake River. A local Bubba stopped by to ask how we got the camper down there. I told him it was 4WD. He thought that was neat.

Some rest areas are rather basic.
As are some of our campsites.

Some pictures of the three of us.

 The Seven Mile Bridge near Marathon, FL
 All snuggled up.
 Gopher the Dog

 The petrified forest. Bought a new multi-colored hat.
Monument Valley

 We bought new wedding bands from a jeweler at an art show in Tubec, AZ.

 We've met some interesting people

The Silverado Ranch near Douglas, AZ

We met Paul and Terry in Oregon. Paul is 93 years old and still travels each year from OR to "Q"

Some odds and ends

Christmas with the kids. Longmont, CO.

No snow around here.

 Quartzsite "Q", AZ   The Lazy Daze group.

The day we picked up our new Lazy Daze.  April 25, 2008.

A music festival we bumped into in Ontario, Canada.  It was held at a public campground. We were the only Yanks there.

A beautiful lake in Oregon.

A walk on the beach in Oregon.